NASA - International Space Station Program

International Space Station Program

External Integration Office Intern - August-December 2017

Media Production and Public Communication

During four months spent at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX I was given the opportunity to work on a wide range of media projects and outreach activities. A small sampling of these projects can be seen below:

Cosmic Ray Damage Repair in Ultra-High Resolution Video Footage:

Cosmic Ray exposure in low earth orbit causes damage to digital image sensors aboard ISS that does not occur on earth. Over time in orbit, cameras develop “hot” pixels, which show up consistently in the video they generate. These hot pixels are easily dealt with when cameras on the ground develop them, but the higher numbers of damaged pixels cameras on the ISS have (nearly five thousand in one case) are too great to correct by methods offered by traditional video editing tools. To solve this problem for the Ultra-High Resolution RED Digital Cinema camera used on ISS, I developed a system of steps to automatically identify and mask damaged pixels without the time consuming manual selection that would be needed otherwise. This workflow only needs to be completed periodically and not for each video clip, meaning a user on a powerful system can correct dozens of clips in a short work time. After generating the solution to this problem I created a tutorial and supporting documents so others in the future can use and improve upon the process.

Above are some sample frames from 6K video before and after correction:

AMS - The Fight for Flight Trailer


Selected Color Grading and Treatment: